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Shahar understands the importance of trust between contractor and client and his goal is to make the process smooth and most importantly, joyful.

Our Services

1- Architectural Window Films

CoolVu architectural window film installations make your existing glass perform and look better within a budget that impresses.

Privacy Cloaking Film Installation

Keep your sensitive data private. Commonly used as an architectural film for glass walls and office windows, cloaking film is designed to obscure computer monitors and digital screens to outside view.

Solar Window Film

From commercial window film installation for buildings and storefronts to residential window tinting solutions for property owners, CoolVu offers the depth of products and installation capabilities to handle any project.

Transitional Window Film

CoolVu Transitional leads the charge in fully adaptive architectural window films, blocking harmful UV rays, solar heat, and glare while simultaneously enhancing daytime privacy.

Ceramic Window Film

CoolVu’s Ceramic window films can block up to 50% of the sun’s heat, helping views clear and interiors cooler and more comfortable.

Security Window Film

Protect people and property with a retrofit installation of safety and security window film.

Privacy & Decorative Window Film

Personalize any glass surface in style with the installation of CoolVu’s impressive array of designer quality films.

Switchable Smart Glass Film

Privacy ‘on demand’ retrofit film products perfect for flex-office space, conference rooms, hospitals, classrooms, and other building environments where dynamic use of space is in high demand.

Anti Microbial Films

Innovative film technology for continuously self-cleaning surfaces in high-traffic and high-contact environments.

A clear sacrificial film layer protects glass and surfaces of all types from wear and tear damage and vandals.

A clear sacrificial film layer protects glass and surfaces of all types from wear and tear damage and vandals.

Blackout & Whiteout

Innovative film technology for continuously self-cleaning surfaces in high-traffic and high-contact environments.

2- Wall & Window Graphics

Storefront windows, campus skyways, and lobby glass are great opportunities to market your business and passions to the world.

Wall Murals & Graphics

For residential, commercial, and campus facilities, every walled surface can tell your story through the application of custom printed wall murals.

Environmental Graphics

Create the look and feel for your space to match your mission. Environmental graphics help inform while telling your story to important clients and constituents.

Printed Wallpaper

Create your own custom wallpaper and design it to suit you with a range of stunning papers. Choose from classic standards, self-adhesive or premium options for an even more luxurious feel!

Fabric Glass Surface Films

Self-adhering printed textile or ‘fabric’ materials add texture and sophistication to any glass surface.

Commercial Graphics

We all have a dream. It’s time to make your dreams come true with CoolVu products and services that will take any project, no matter how big or small it may be into the next level!


Help people find their way with wayfinding graphic packages from CoolVu.

Storefront Lettering

There are a variety of ways to get your business in front of the people who need to see it. Storefront lettering provides a powerful and creative way!


With a revolutionary peel and stick installation, you can turn any surface into an erasable whiteboard.

Perforated Window Film

Perforated window film, or ‘window perf’ is a printable vinyl material with tiny holes throughout and commonly referred to as ‘one way vinyl or one way vision film.

3- Surface Finishes

Renovate and refresh any surface with any one of hundreds of our ‘peel, form and stick’ architectural finishes now available from CoolVu.

Decorative Metal

Surface applied decorative metallic films are a great complement to finish off interiors with a cutting, modern edge.

Leather Textured Vinyl

Renovate and refresh any flat surface with impressive ‘peel, form and stick’ leather-like surface vinyl available from CoolVu.

Wood & Stone Fusion

Gain an expensive look and feel without the high cost and waste of full replacement. Fuse your tired surfaces with warm wood or modern stone adhesive films to bring life back to your interiors.

Dusted & Crystal Glass Finishes

CoolVu crystal glass finishes offer both dusted and frosted designs that provide the look of sandblasted or etched glass at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Dichroic Glass Finishes

Dichroic glass film mimics a multi-colored glass that has reflective properties, creating a kaleidoscope reflection of colors when it is hit with light and viewed from different angles.

Metal & Mirror Shield

Metal and mirror shields are thick graffiti abatement films installed over existing metal and mirrored surfaces replicating an original, clean appearance.

Clear Protective Skin

Membrane-like clear film protects expensive stone, marble and granite surfaces from wear and tear, stains, and scratching.

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Reviews from
Real Customers

Jeff Draper
Jeff Draper
Professional, courteous, service at its best. We have more windows to tint and will absolutely be using CoolVu again!
Drew Boatwright
Drew Boatwright
Good service and competitive pricing. The install from the crew went very smoothly. You can't even tell that there is film on the windows. They have countless options of film to choose from. Would definitely recommend.
Natalie Reed
Natalie Reed
I CANNOT believe we did not get coolvu earlier. It’s like night and day having tinted windows in our home. Phil did an UNBELIEVABLE job performing the installation and I didn’t mind watching him install it either 😉
Michael Cocca
Michael Cocca
Phil did an unbelievable job tinting our windows. My fiancé and I would just sit inside and sweat until we fell asleep. Now that we have Coolvu we can finally sleep in peace and stop wearing towels around the house!
Ryan Cook
Ryan Cook
Installation process couldn’t have been easier and quality is top notch. Wish they offered service up in Sheboygan so they could do my lake house as well
Kendall Lutts
Kendall Lutts
Phil was recommended by my sister and I could not be more thrilled with his service / results! If you are even considering treating your windows please give him a call. One of the best decisions we’ve made for our family
Morgan Lutts
Morgan Lutts
Phil provided EXCELLENT customer service!!We had a wonderful experience, and the window installation looks seamless. Overall, I am thrilled with the install and would highly recommend the service.
Andrew Goodwin
Andrew Goodwin
I don't know how I functioned without my coolvu before Phil recently came to my humble abode. He was incredibly easy to communicate with, off the charts professional, and I would 10/10 recommend to potential future customers
Kevin Muench
Kevin Muench
Love love love my coolvu. It was a great installation, definitely would recommend. Phil is great, and I'm so glad we did this.

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Talk about making the most of your space! This two-story loft feels like a palace with the overwhelming natural light reflecting off the elegant, white-dominant color palette.

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Innovative Solutions For Home & Business

We are licensed, bonded and insured. We look forward to working with you soon!


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